Expert Guidance for an Art-Filled Home

When it comes to art-centric interiors, establishing a dialogue between artwork and space is a Dunagan Diverio must


What’s the first thing you think of when you learn of a new commission that will have a significant art component?

Diverio: When a client’s artwork is going to be involved in a project, we are both excited and challenged. That’s because most of our clients have valuable art collections that are both satisfying and captivating to work with.

Is helping clients curate an art collection from scratch something you do as well?

Dunagan: Yes, and when clients choose to buy artwork, we suggest using a curator or established art gallery.

When incorporating a significant art collection is a major part of a design commission, what’s non-negotiable?

Diverio: Using a lighting designer. Fine art needs to be lit properly to assure its aesthetic. The painting that touched you emotionally in the gallery might not have the same effect if it’s bathed in shadows or blasted with sunlight. Professional lighting is meant to place your art at center stage
so it’s enjoyed properly.

What other aspects regarding art do you keep front of mind?

Dunagan: Placement, because it affects the choice of the furniture’s style, where it goes, and its size.

Is there a particular art medium that’s more challenging to work with?

Diverio: We work with all genres of art. Often, a piece may need to be reframed to incorporate the design style of the space, but fine art, whether it’s classic or traditional, can blend well with any room’s interior.

Design is such a subjective discipline. What do you focus on when the art isn’t to your liking?

Dunagan: Whether we like the artwork or not is irrelevant. We design around it and choose interior pieces that complement the art style.

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Text by Christopher Day

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