Designing for a Common Cause

A socially conscious new collaboration with the Campana Brothers ushers in the arrival of a new Paola Lenti showroom in Miami


Talk about checking off multiple boxes. The new Metamorphosis collection released by Paola Lenti in collaboration with the Campana Brothers is a testament to sustainability, the joy of color, and the limitless possibilities of artisanal design. Made from materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill or polluting our oceans, Metamorphosis consists of five seating options and a rug inspired by the natural world. Many of the amorphous pieces recall crawling creatures before they emerge from their chrysalis, transformed and renewed.

This is an awareness raising project,” says Lenti. “In this period characterized by limited access to materials, the design of this new collection is a creative and tangible proposal that can reunite us with the cultural values of our not-so-distant past when reusing objects and materials was considered a virtue.” The collection will be the hallmark of the new Paola Lenti showroom in Wynwood when it opens in time for Art Basel 2022. 

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